What is a Fresh 48 Session?

This is a fairly new trend to the baby photography world, and it just so happens to be one of my favorites. A Fresh 48 session is simply a newborn session taken within the first 48 hours of baby’s life when they are still fresh and new.

Where does a Fresh 48 Session take place?

Because we want to capture baby on the first or second day of his/her life, these sessions are held in the hospital or place of birth. I am a natural light photographer, so we want to schedule for me to arrive during the daylight hours, so we can use the as much window light as possible.

Why should I book a Fresh 48 Session?

“There is NO WAY I want to be in front of a camera the day after having a baby! And a photo session in a hospital? That sounds…eh.”

I get it. You’re tired. Extremely tired. You’re not feeling or looking your best. You're not in the comfort of your own home. Maybe you think you will just wait a while until things start feeling normal again.

Let me paint things a little differently. As any parent will tell you, babies change so much within those first few weeks, and remembering your baby freshly born becomes more and more difficult. Those first days are pure magic. And they go by FAST. If you’re like me, the entire process will be a blur. It’s a lovely kind of blur, full of love, wonder and amazement, but nonetheless, a blur. These photos will bring you right back to that time. They will not remind you of a time when you didn’t feel your best, but will tap into those emotional memories of when you fell in love with the newest member of your family.

What should I expect during a Fresh 48 session?

I like for this session to be as true as possible. There’s a lot of love in those first days, and I like to capture as much as I can while I’m there. Snuggling, diaper changes, swaddling, and more. If you are planning to breastfeed or bottle feed, we can capture that as well if you choose. If your baby has an older sibling, we can schedule the shoot at the time that they first meet – which is no doubt a priceless moment. I will also capture all of those precious details, from teeny nose to teeny toes and all of the sweet squishiness in between.

How do I Prepare for a Fresh 48 session?

This is completely up to you! Some moms prefer to keep things completely natural; still in their hospital gown hours after giving birth. Others prefer more prep time, and want to wait until after they’ve had a chance to shower and change. I have no preference either way – it’s your personal decision.

How long does a Fresh 48 session take?

I know how tired you will be (I have a pretty rough time after my first one), so I will do my best to be as efficient as possible. I usually have well more than I need within an hour or less. This is a laid-back session, so I will work around any visitors, nurses, feedings, etc. Nothing to stress over! This is also the perfect time for me to get details of the room, and of the hospital itself.

When should I book a Fresh 48 session?

The earlier the better. You are welcome to wait until baby arrives, but there is a good chance I will not be available on such short notice. Babies are unpredictable, but by contacting me when you are still pregnant, I can pencil in your due date and leave my schedule as flexible as possible during the 2-3 weeks surrounding your due date. We will keep in close contact around that time so there are hopefully no big surprises.

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