About the Photographer - Leslie Blankenship

About the Photographer

Hello! I'm Leslie Blankenship, the founder of Leslie Laveta Photography. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about me.

As a child, I remember begging my mother constantly to let me take pictures. She graciously agreed, letting me shoot through roll after roll of film, taking pictures of nothing in particular. Nothing compared to the anticipation of waiting days for my photos to be developed, or the excitement of seeing my memories come to life when I picked up my prints. For me as a child, it was magical. 

As a freshman, I joined the Bryant High School Yearbook staff, where my adviser, Margaret Sorrows, gave me a true appreciation and passion for photography. I took a darkroom class, where I learned from start to finish how much of an art photography really is. In yearbook, I  had the opportunity to use "big" DSLR cameras, and was hooked. I was also introduced to Photoshop, and found that I genuinely loved to edit as well.

I minored in Photojournalism at Arkansas State University-Jonesboro where I expanded my knowledge of the storytelling side of photography. I was known at college as the girl with the camera, and would take it with me wherever possible. During these years I realized photography would always play a part in my life. 

I now live in Conway, Arkansas with my husband, Brian, 3 year old son, Elliot, and another baby boy on the way! Having a child made me realize like never before just how precious and fleeting moments are and how important it is to preserve them whenever possible. Because of that, my photography style aims to capture beauty in the everyday - life the way it is. I want to help you cherish those moments of life that are so dear and ensure that they never leave your memory.

I hope that this helped you learn a little about me, and I hope I get to do the same with you. Let me know how I can help you capture your most precious memories. I look forward to hearing from you!


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