FAQs - Lifestyle Family Session - Leslie Blankenship

What is a lifestyle session? How is it different from family portraits?

Unlike family portraits which are typically the "look and say cheese" kind, lifestyle photography aims to capture a story: people in real-life situations with genuine emotion. It is a beautiful mix of photojournalism and fine-art. 

Is Lifestyle Photography right for me?

Think back to a favorite photo from your childhood. Is it one of  the stiffly posed studio portraits? Or is it one of the candid, sentimental snapshots that takes you back to that moment in time? Lifestyle photography lasts beyond your yearly family portraits. 

If you're the type of person who wants to capture the raw and natural emotions of life, then lifestyle photography is perfect for you. Those who love lifestyle photography understand that unlike posed portrait photography, it is a true representation of who you are, what you look like, and what you are feeling in that moment. 

What can I expect from this session?

These sessions usually last 1-2 hours. My lifestyle family sessions aim to show what's special about your family. Do you like to cook together? Have a game night? Go hiking? Are you homebodies? Always on the go? Let's capture that! 

Where will this lifestyle session take place?

I do not have a studio, so this session is taken at the location(s) of your choice; indoor or out.

What time of day will our session take place?

I am a natural light photographer so rely solely on the sun for our session. Early morning or late afternoon are my favorite time for outdoor sessions as these are the times of day when the sunlight is most flattering.

About an hour before sunset is commonly referred to as "Golden Hour" and gives some beautiful tones. It is also my the popular time of day for my sessions, so if your'e wanting a Golden Hour Session, snag it quickly!

As far as indoor sessions (such as in your home), think of which rooms you'd like us to shoot in. Kitchen? Living room? Bedroom? Take note of which time of day these rooms are naturally the brightest and we will plan accordingly. 

What if our session gets rained out?

If we had planned on an outdoor session but it gets rained out, we will reschedule! If it is cloudy but not raining, do not worry! Some of my most stunning and favorite sessions have taken place on overcast days.

We're not very photogenic; will you be posing us?

I do not pose so much as guide you during the session. Since you will be interacting and "doing" something during our lifestyle session, you will not feel awkward or stiff. I may direct you to some better lighting but this type of session is very laid back, with minimal direction and guidance. I want to be a fly on the wall - documenting you as you are and what is most special to you.

What should we wear?

This is the most common question I get asked! Head over to this page for some wardrobe tips to have you looking and feeling your best!

Click Here for What to Wear Tips!

How soon will I receive my photos?

My turnaround time for editing a session is 3 weeks or less (usually less). I will notify you as soon as I'm finished narrowing down and retouching your images. I know you're anxious for them and want you to have them as soon as possible!

Will my photos be delivered on a disc? Can I get the unedited ones too?

I do not deliver images on a disc or zip drive. Instead, you will be emailed a link to a password-protected online gallery on my website. The gallery will contain your high resolution edited images, and you will be able to view and download them from here. 

I do not release RAW/unedited images under any circumstances, as these are not an accurate reflection of my artistic style. 

Will I be able to print the photos on my own?

Absolutely! Shortly after your session, you will receive a print release form that allows you to print at any local print lab. If you prefer, you can order prints/products through my professional print lab. I can only guarantee the color and quality of your images by ordering through me. 

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